Friday, August 15, 2008

A bee in my bonnet

I decided to upgrade my Trunkt membership to premium the other day and since then I've had more traffic to my shop which is great. I really like Trunkt, it's a good idea and I feel like they really work hard to get your work out there. There are a few sites popping up that are similar to Trunkt or combinations of Trunkt and Etsy but there is such bad web design out there!

Surely if you are a site promoting good design and you hope to draw good designers to your site, your overall design should be great, along with simple navigation. That's why I love sites like Etsy, Flickr, Trunkt and Moo and why they're really leading the pack.

Just a bee in my bonnet there. Anyway, here's a link to my Trunkt folio!

P.S Thanks to Jessica for a lovely preview evening on Thursday night.

P.P.S I'm starting to get my Folksy shop up and running. Still finding the navigation a bit crowded but they are still in test mode and are improving things every day, so hopefully things will get better. They are certainly very good at responding to feedback and it's quite nice to be involved with something from its early stages.

P.P.P.S Completely obsessed with
the velodrome.

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