Thursday, August 21, 2008

To Town Today

I popped to the London Transport Museum with my little fellow a few weeks ago. It's such a great place for a day out, but as I was in and out of buses all morning I didn't get a chance to visit the shop. Luckily, they have a wonderful archive of posters that you can peruse online. Here are some of my favourites and also some of the most poignant wartime posters.

P.S. Hooray! I made my first Folksy sale to Natalie over at Roseberry Crafts. She wrote about Mrs Eliot Books in her post yesterday too, so thank you Natalie!


  1. Great tip! Thanks. Hope to go London in November for a college reunion :-) Will take my 2-year old to the museum then. (Nothing's more fun than trains and buses at the moment...) Fantastic posters!

  2. beautiful posters.


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