Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Warning: More faffing ahead!

Wow, I've been faffing for well over a week. That's a new world record!

I now have a website that I can call home. Like a lot of you, I've got so many different sites for different things (shop, flickr, trunkt, blog etc), I wanted a little base that could house all of that, and which people could use to navigate everywhere.

So I found this great South African site called tank, where you build your own site from scratch (don't worry, if I can do it, so can you!). I'd been looking around for something for a while but all the templates I found were already too finished or had some horrible marble effect background, even the plain ones had banners already there. So anyway, here's my new home. The grammar/spelling police (A.K.A my sister Polly) have checked it for me, so hopefully everything looks ok.

In other news,
I'm working on some new stationery sets; some notebooks, writing paper and notecards, and maybe soon - wrapping paper. I'll keep you posted.

And in other people's news, have you seen Lu's new fabric? And I would like to be the first to officially welcome Tif back to cyberland.


  1. Hello Fran...... and wow! Your website looks fantastic. Well done.
    Maybe you and your sister could jump on a plane and come hang out with me in Potts Point for a while. What fun we'd have. xo

  2. Hi Fran,, welcome to the wonderful world of Tank. I'm also a very happy customer down here in Cape Town and I think they've done such a cool job!

    You've hit it on the nail, completely.. the templates are efficient, simple with not too much visual clutter you can't remove,,

    Welcome, Tank neighbour :)

  3. Hi Francesca

    Thanks for the mention, we appreciate the kind words. Yup, we are in fact trying to clean up the internet a bit, one marble-effect at a time!

    Stay tuned for a couple of interesting features coming soon.

    All the best,
    Alan / tank

  4. Congrats on getting the website done, it looks great! I've been meaning to contact tank for months now, but I think I'm scared of all the faffing I'll do on a site.

  5. Lovely website!, well done. x.

  6. wrapping paper - oh my god, that's too exciting. it'll be wallpaper next!!
    hey 66, yes, let's jump on a plane with the kids and go hang out in potts point, what a wonderful plan!

  7. The website looks great! I'm definitely going to have a go because mine is really lame.

  8. Looks great. Congratulations!

  9. i am so glad to see others have been 'faffing' around, makes my 'cyber silence' almost forgivable...but unlike me, you have been doing wonderful things with your 'faffing' the website and it has inspired me to sort the 'crappy' website i have...the one my man felt would "do for now Tif"...

    lovely to see all your work as usual and thank you for the welcome back...

    Tif x

  10. fab site mrs...d'you wanna do one for me too? hehe.
    in answer to your question, blue lady and orange boy (there's another one hanging around somewhere) are indeed 30something -ahhh...god bless fisher price. i saw a website that had tons of them the other day...which made me want to start collecting them all - wouldn't take up too much space and easy to sneak home...

  11. Hi ... just found you through a lucie summers interview ... I'm a North London based blogger too ... but mostly why I'm leaving this comment is to say that you are not alone in your faffing ... Today I've finally kick started after weeks of faffing! Perhaps its a North London thing!


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