Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know you so well

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I got such perfect presents. This lovely Ladybird paper from my good pal Sally, which is calling out to be framed.

this lovely Marimekko teatowel from the lovely Bee


a great book from my mum about the design of the Festival of Britain

a beautiful cup and biscuit bowl from my sister P (if you like Shinzi Katoh i would advise you keep well away from the website and online shop. It could be the final straw for your purse strings in these troubled times!)

and this wonderful book. Pages and pages of patterns. What more could a design-obsessed 35 year old ask for.


  1. wow, aren't we clever! what lovely presents!

  2. The website where P got your lovely mug from is literally the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. I've wept. I want everything. xxx

  3. Happy birthday! And lucky you, to get such gorgeous prezzies!

  4. happy birthday mrs! and what perfect presents...subtle hints, or just dumb luck?! x


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