Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New in & Camera Toss

OK fellows, new in the shop:
Take a letter Miss Jones! letter writing sets in Bowls and Central Station designs, and Hello & Goodbye notecard sets in Patterns. More designs in the pipeline and notebooks still to come. Also available at dawanda and folksy of course!

Loving this flickr group Camera Toss. Some amazing images there, like this one. And a nice description by Jonathan Vo on his website here:

Light is always seen. It's being shined right in the monitor you're looking at right now. It's most likely on in your room in the form of a bulb or a window. But even though it's everywhere, we can't see it. We are able to see what it reveals, but never do we see light itself alone. LightXposed aims to isolate this light in an abstract dimension where light has never been seen before. It's going to be bent, twisted, inverted, and manipulated in so many other countless ways you could have ever imagined. Exposing this light to the everyday person is my goal. To present it in a beautiful way is my dream.



  1. Those are so very pretty and delicate. They make me think of the coloured light shining on a floor through a stained glass window. Lovely.

  2. love it, better start writing to my friend the ladle in sydney!


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