Thursday, September 04, 2008

Roll on tomorrow!

I have been in haze of paper for a couple of weeks. I woke up at five this morning thinking about packaging and didn't get back to sleep again. Thank goodness I am off to the spa tomorrow with my girlfriends, where I can forget about paper AND not have a small boy use my leg as a fireman's pole for one whole day and night. Hoorah!

Hopefully I'll have a shop update next week. Have a lovely weekend all.


  1. Spa... Sounds like 'bliss'. Not that I would know, of course. My weekend will be to arrange not one, but two birthday bashes for my own little fireman...

    Great-looking paper, by the way. Enjoy the spa treat!

  2. love the paper. have a facial scrub and hot stone massage for me too....

  3. Hope you are having a great time. I really enjoyed the 'title' of your previous post!

  4. Fran, I love your letter writing paper.
    I hope the spa was bliss!! xoxo


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