Thursday, October 02, 2008

I need some new dining chairs. I'm thinking this...

...but is it blaspheming to say I have a slight problem with Orla Kiely? I really like her partnership with Heals as I can see they have the same design philosophy and are dedicated to producing really classic pieces with a mid-century edge, but I am getting a bit bored of seeing the same print on everything from mugs, to bags, wallpaper, furniture, notebooks, umbrellas, wellies etc etc etc.

Having said that, I recently visited her Covent Garden flagship store and it really is something very very special. I suppose what I'm saying is, it's a shame she is so known for this particular print mostly as there are some others which are far more special. But I suppose that's business for you. If someone wanted to license one of my patterns for mugs, bags, wallpaper, furniture, notebooks, umbrellas, wellies etc etc etc, I guess I wouldn't say no either!

My favourite "Orky Kily" post.

p.s. oh my god, can I take all of this back please? I'm so in love with her website, if I had the cash, I'd be there in a flash!


  1. I think I know what you mean.. But I'm still in love with the leaf pattern. Still.

  2. yes, i was just about to berate you and ask if you'd seen her website!!

  3. I agree with you completely!!!That octagonal pattern would be a perfect match for this chair.

  4. I know what your saying, the website is packed with amazing design.The leaves pattern is just so iconic.

    I think one of your patterns printed on fabric would make great chair seat covers!

    Enjoy your weekend ; )

  5. Gasp! You what?! But you know, I kind of view that stem print as a brand print rather than an actual design. It's a bit like the puma logo all over something... but of course, a WHOLE lot nicer. I adore her fashion prints, and when I visited the Covent Garden store, I was really taken with the beautiful quality of the fabrics too. But yikes, with the state of our sad and sorry local currency, there's only ever going to be Orky Kily for me!

  6. I agree with one the blogger who left the comment about using one of your designs - can't you do that? You've got such lovely ones. Or design one specially. Could it be made into a fabric?


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