Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks

Wow. Two weeks. Sorry about that. No excuses.

Now, I know it's not Christmas yet, and I know in the U.S you probably don't even mention Christmas until at least Halloween is over, but I have been working on Christmas cards for my retailers and they are also now available in my shops with FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2 packs or more.

Two of them are taken from my prints Snow! Snow! and Come Out in the Snow and the other two make up the pack of four. You can have one of each or mix & match, it's up to you.

I've used some of those lovely graph papers from my I Like List notebook, and I'm thinking of more uses for them.


  1. Nice! I was just thinking about you, actually. Good to have you back! I've also been doing christmas cards lately.

  2. I was thinking about it yesterday, too. These are beautiful. x


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