Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mrs Eliot cooks!

...or washes up at least.

Here's how my tea towel came out, I'm really pleased with it. I'll pop a couple in the shop later and hopefully I'll be printing some other designs in the new year.


  1. oh gorgeous......can't wait to get my hands on one

  2. oohh thats lovely Fran, I am a bit obsessed with teatowels !

  3. Beautiful, I like the size you chose for the pots so you get a few repeats in, I kind of imagined them being bigger but they work much better this size.
    I wonder if the screen used to print these was just of one repeat and registered to make the duplicates? Anyway, it would make a gorgeous fabric to sell by the yard too...

  4. ermmmmm...bloody GORGEOUS! gotta a new kitchen to stock with yummy things...will be paying you a visit :) xxx

  5. i am a great fan of a 'good' tea towel, nothing like brightening up a kitchen and this one would do the does the job perfectly...

    i have placed it in my favorites on etsy in the slim hope that my man happens upon it for my christmas stocking...then again who am i kidding ;)


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