Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Being French

I'm a big fan of Joanna's blog A Cup of Jo and of this too-chic blog Garance Dore, which makes me want to chuck my wardrobe out, throw on a dress, nonchalantly don a large scarf and freeze to death at the bus stop. But you have to suffer to be beautiful, non?

Anyway, here's an interview between the New Yorker and the Parisienne. I particularly like the reference to stripes since i am obsessed with stripes, and in the summer, all three of us leave the house together looking like a family of deck chairs.

And here's a very funny post from the same blog.

To finish, here's a little video. I know Jean Seberg wasn't French but she did French chic pretty well and did star in the Frenchiest of all French films ever.


  1. that's funny, i was looking at the garance dore site just last week and am now in love with it, soigneuse, soigneuse!!

  2. Thanks for that link! I've just spent about an hour imagining that I have lovely clothes... and resolved to do something about my wardrobe.


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