Monday, January 05, 2009

New year

Oh my goodness, my hand has gone to sleep. I've just completed a mammoth task, a complete overhaul of my pricing and shipping on etsy. What with the pound going down, my prices across etsy, dawanda and folksy have been a bit squew-wiff, so I'm trying to align them all so you won't be paying different prices depending on which shop you go to.

The good news is that if you're in the USA, some prices are quite a bit lower. I haven't been through dawanda yet but there will be a few drops there too if you pay in euros, that's my next task. Then I'll be on to folksy. Will take about a week to get it all straightened out.
I have a couple of new pieces I'm dying to work on so I can't wait to get this stuff out of the way.

Here's a lovely book my little boy got for Christmas. He's having to be very gentle with it, which isn't his forte.

I'll be back to let you know when dawanda and folksy are all up to date. In the meantime, happy new year!


  1. looks lovely. i'd keep it high up on the top shelf if i were you!

  2. happy new year Francesca!
    great book, first time I saw it, I found it so impressive!
    good choice!


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