Saturday, January 17, 2009

Packaging, old photos etc

I love it when people make their packaging really special. That's what I got with my Amanda Blake that came this morning. This is how my Tessa Holding a Tree arrived...

...wrapped beautifully with an old photograph (Amanda uses a lot of these photographs for inspiration in her work).

I LOVE my Tessa! You can find Tessa holding a variety of objects over in Amanda's etsy shop. And here's a nice ramble on her blog about making her work accessible to all...and I'm so glad she does. Isn't that what etsy is all about?

These old photos remind me of this wonderful book my friend Bee gave me a couple of birthdays ago Love Letters Lost by Babbette Hines. It's so addictive, I got completely lost in it and couldn't bare not knowing how these love stories turned out. Here are two of my favourites (click on them to read):

Did they ever get together? I hope so.

What on earth were they going to do on Sunday? And did they do it?

Babbette also runs The Found Photo in L.A.


  1. great post, i like the train of thought. and i love amanda blake's work too.

  2. Thank you so much for posting from that book - it was a great read! Will have to check out the book. I'm also one for found photographs, but my collection is very small so far...

  3. yes yes it´s special when people really make an effort with their package. Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post. Yes for being Malmö it´s far away from our old neighborhood. But when me and little Lingonberrytoe can bike it´s just 20 minutes in to Malmö city. The wall: I don´t know yet what it is, a house close to the playground here. Really really nice:)

  4. Fran when ever I visit your blog I lose an hour clicking through all your coool links and then their cool links and then aahhhhhhh.... I've got posting and packing to do! Your comment about a family of deck chairs made me giggle.

  5. Isn't old style handwriting so perfect?I'm teaching myself how to write that way.


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