Friday, March 20, 2009

Shapes & Patterns Week / Tagged

We finished our Shapes & Patterns week with triangle and repetition today. (A big thank you to Tif for my Orla oven mitts - top left - which I won when she picked my name out of a hat. Easy as that!) Lines & stripes day was my favourite, I could have done stripes all week in fact.

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So a while ago Janne tagged me with some random facts about myself and then the other day, Anna tagged me with addictions, so I have mixed them up and listed them below.

When I'm at a funeral, to stop myself from crying, I invent an episode of Coronation St in my head. It always begins with Sally coming into the Kabin: "Mornin' Rita." "Mornin' Sally love."

I'm addicted to checking email. My laptop has been at the mac doctor for a week so I've had to come downstairs to check, which isn't as often. It's been very good for me. I feel liberated.

3: I can't type the word interesting without typing 'interseting' first.
4. I'm addicted to The Archers (a 60-year-old farming radio soap). If I miss it, I download the podcast. I'm only 35. Give me strength.

I like to start a new plan on a Monday. If I don't do it on the Monday, it can throw the whole week off, and maybe I won't start it until the following Monday.

I'm addicted to The Hills. I didn't mean to, I downloaded an episode from i-tunes and then I downloaded another and another. So how does that work out? The Archers....and The Hills. That is odd.

I'll be a mum again at the end of May.


  1. it's been a great week, brilliant in so many ways. i've really had to observe the world around me, which has been really enjoyable. it's been lovely sharing photos, its so exciting comparing what we taken at the end of the day. love your lists of tags.... lets make a plan for monday, x.

  2. oh my god! that's so exciting, congratulations and lots of love xxx

  3. Congratulations on adding to your family!! :)

  4. loving that corra funeral thing you do - i wasn't aware of it - great idea!!

  5. loved reading this. congratulations too!


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