Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some etsy lovin'/Some 'lovely' over use

Just a little etsy love today. I'm so in love with this blackbird bunting from Blackbird Letterpress. If I could find some space for it, it would be in my trolley.

I also found this lovely etsy vintage shop
Sweetshorn Vintage. I love how colourful everything is and her photo composition is great.

And a thank you to my lovely cyberpal Lu Summers. I wanted to send her a print as a housewarming present for her new farmhouse and she offered a swap. I chose this sketchbook in her Twist pattern. It's perfect (unfortunately, buses not included).

(Reading through this, saying the word 'lovely' should have been in my 'addictions' last week. I really need to expand my vocab when it comes to all things lovely. Here's a try: adorable, sweet, gorgeous, stunning, easy on the eye, and my favourite - sublime. Next post I will try and work 'sublime' in somewhere. Why does it remind me of New York in the 40s?)

Anyhoo...had a good cuppa and a catch up with Mandy this morning, now I'm getting down to some pattern design work, and I've also popped To the Forest in the shop.

Next week I'm starting yet another photo project with Xanthe; it's going to be 'The Alphabet in a Week'. I've already spotted some great hand lettering around my neighbourhood and wish I carried my camera with me every day. I think we're going to collect letters during the week and then post an alphabet each on the Friday. Looking forward to it, I'm a big typography fan.

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  1. Lovely to see you Fran thanks for travelling up the hill x


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