Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yellow Tuesday

LinkI'm loving colour week. It's amazing how much it makes you look at your surroundings. And yes, I left the house today.

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Joanna recently posted about this fantastic book cover archive. It's great for a browse.


  1. ah, that's brightened up this dreary day.....

  2. I think that you have just found my new pair of shoes for me...please please tell me that you took this pic in the UK! Now that I am over this way I could actually go and try them on ( and maybe even buy them!) I have long wanted a pair of red shoes but I must say that I suspect that I might just end up with the first pair of yellow shoes I have ever owned in my life.

  3. to mariannealice: i did indeed take this pic in the uk but i'm afraid they are children's shoes...boo-hoo! i know, they are really lovely.


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