Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 days

Sometimes it takes me ages to use the words and sentences I find in The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot. I occasionally get them out, try and find some other words that fit and attempt an illustration. Sometimes/often it doesn't work because I'm forcing it, so I end up putting the little torn out sentence back in the envelope. That's what happened with this little fellow.

I'd always wanted to use it because I love the whole retro B.O.A.C thing and images of air hostesses and 50s/60's graphics sprang to mind. The other day I had the idea to mix this tear-out with an old poem of mine about air travel/time travel and long distance love. Once I had the idea, the book came together very quickly. It's my first paper book, an edition of 50 and it's in the shops now.

5 Days


  1. This is a lovely idea.
    I just looked at that Paul Rand clip, thanks! I'd watched some interviews with him, the one with Miggs B on youtube was fairly awful. The interviewer didn't seem to be very interested! Imagine being taught by Paul Rand he's such a cool speaker...

  2. Oh my, that's so lovely!

  3. I love this idea, how you kept that scrap of paper waiting for it to take flight. Love the ladies on the stairs.

  4. Hello:) I just bought a notebook from you, and sent you an email, but the mail was returned to me. Key info, really, was that my email on the order form doesn't work anylonger. I have another one (which is on my blog). Just in case.
    Thank you. Have a good weekend. C

  5. Hi Christine, I just replied over on your blog. Notebook is on it's way to you today. Thanks so much.

    Laura - such a lovely way to put it.

    Thanks all. x


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