Friday, April 03, 2009

Alphabet City

So here's the alphabet I found around my neighbourhood this week. I collected a few of each letter and chose the bolder or more original letters I found. Have a look later and see what Xanthe found in the group pool.

*** *** *** *** ***

Thanks Janne for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award! I feel very flattered, but don't worry, I won't do a Kate Winslet and start saying 'gather...gather' and forget Angelina Jolie. I now have to make a list of 7 things I love and then hand the award over to 7 other 'Kreativ' Bloggers.

***7 THINGS I LOVE ***

Opening the curtains and the sun pouring in.
My little boy starting to call his father 'daddy' again, after calling him 'Ben' for a year or two!
Getting sweet feedback from people who have bought something from my shop.
When my sister or my friend Sally text me funny comments during certain TV shows.
Blossom appearing and little tiny buds.
Walking my boy to nursery and having my kiss and 7 hugs.
Swinging in the hammock with my boys.

Very boy orientated. But that's my life!


I'm going to concentrate on some newer or lesser known favourites of mine:

Nath at Le Petit Oiseau
Karen at Creative Embroidery
Sara at Happysilly
Anna at Colour & Sound
Jesse at Jezzeblog
Eleanor at A good idea on paper
Katrine at KatrineK

You lot now have to reveal 7 things you love and hand the award over to 7 others.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I suddenly feel very gushy about this blog community and how lovely it is.


  1. Aww thanks Francesca! Truly an honour. x and such distinguished company too!

  2. Thank you Francesca, it's terribly sweet of you to include me. I'll have a lot of fun thinking of 7 (my favourite number as it happens) things I love!

  3. Hm... I'm having a particularly quiet day at work I'm afraid. :) Thank you again. x

  4. glad you enjoy the texts!

  5. Thanks F, this was very sweet of you!

  6. i love alphabet city! my friend and i recently did a friday letter project (labeled on my blog) which you might be interested in. jesse from jezzeblog has tagged me for the kreativ blogger, so i'm thinking about my 7 favourite things too. :)

  7. I like your alphabet...I am trying to find an alphabet in the river Wandle - got about half-way so far!


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