Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grey snap!

So I've been loving seeing what Xanthe comes up with when we do our projects together and I particularly like it when we have a snap. Here's a good example.

Xanthe's shutters and wall at the top, mine at the bottom.

She just introduced me to Maybe I am the last to know about picnik but I have been trying to find an easy way to make round corners for ages (I usually do some kind of crazy time-consuming photoshop masking, cutting and pasting melange) and now I have one! Thanks Xanth!

Who knows what Brown Wednesday will bring.


  1. glad you've enjoyed picniking, so simple, its rather good isn't it? your collage of our snapped pics in grey looks great. happy brown wednesday, catch up with yours later today..x.

  2. Good snap! Ah, the joys of Picnik!

  3. Isn't picnik wonderful!?

  4. wwhhhhhhhooooooo me too the rounded corner thing !

  5. oooh, i like the look of picnik.. thanks for the tip-off!


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