Friday, April 17, 2009

In Progress/Vintage Indie Q&A

Some new notebooks in progress - Patchwork Graph Paper, and Lace Paper. Coming soon (when nursery re-opens - hoorah! and when I've bought a new paper trimmer as I broke this one today trying to cut too much paper).

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Talking of all things geometry, I absolutely LOVE these new Geometry Jotters over at Present & Correct. I like how they've carried the shape of each instrument into the pattern at the top of each book.

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Thanks to Gabreial over at Vintage Indie for posting a vintage-inspired Q&A with me over here.

Happy weekending!


  1. Now there's some stationery to set my heart aflutter!

  2. I love this paper...gorgeous

  3. I have a paper trimmer that is quite heavy duty that I was going to take to the charity shop...I keep banging my toe on it. I never use it as have other cutting things. You are welcome to it if we can arrange it somehow? You would be doing me a favour!
    Love those exercise books...


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