Monday, April 27, 2009

Week in/neutrals week

I was just on my dashboard and I only just discovered where my 'followers' reside. Some I know, some I don't, so hello followers! And thank you for following, (I sound like a cult), I'm going to take a trip around your blogworlds this week, I love making new discoveries.

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This week we are starting 'neutrals week'!

Monday: white
Tuesday: grey
Wednesday: brown
Thursday: black
Friday: beige
Weekend: Rainbow! Just one pic of Red, one of orange, yellow, green, blue and violet to bring the colour back into our lives, as Xanthe put it.

I hope that doesn't sound too complicated! Feel free to join in.

Here are some other photo projects taking shape:


*** *** *** *** ***

Hopefully by the end of this week I will have a new tea towel in the shop, which will look something like this

It's lovely to be productive again after my gloomy lull a week or so ago. Have a good week all, fingers crossed for sunshine, wherever you are. x


  1. oh dear, I haven't got my head round colour week yet! Promise to try harder. Love the blue socks!

  2. Back on track then, eh? Knew it wouldn't take long!

  3. I've been enjoying your colour weeks. Just re-jigged my shop into colour categories rather than product categories, and am really pleased with the result! Like the peas in the pod design, btw!


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