Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Artist Shout-Out - Moozle Home

I met a lovely girl called Kate at the We Make London Spring Fair. She runs Moozle from her home in Pembrokeshire, Wales and is just getting on her feet. For someone who only started last November, she's got some gorgeous products and a special style. Kate was originally a womenswear designer but since having her daughter, her work has become more child orientated. Here is the stunning teepee that caught my eye...

Appliqued with floral and bird motifs, she's planning on making a boys version soon.

Her beautiful crochet blankets.

Lovely big floor cushions.

Good luck Kate! It was lovely to meet you.

Other stalls that caught my eye were Helen Rawlinson and Sannapanda (website hopefully finished soon because this was really lovely).


  1. loving those cushions, the one with pears is gorgeous..x.

  2. oh what a beautiful find, kate really does have a lovely collection of goodies. i am especially in love with the wigwams :)
    just to let you know, my youngest son has just popped up behind me and asked "is she selling those wigwams"...to which i replied, "yes"...he then continued with "they are so cool looking". that comes from an 11 year old boy. i am so pleased he has 'taste' :)

  3. thanks so much for these links, I adore the teepee, beautiful. Hope you are well!

  4. Hi Francesca, thanks for the link! Sorry I missed you at the Fair...Mornings are a bit chaotic at our house! Really love your stuff and great blog. As for the lovely Moozle lady, I've got that cushion sitting pretty in my living room and a Moozle to match. Nice work Kate!


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