Friday, May 22, 2009

Artists Who Blog / Stephanie Levy

Hello chaps. Just a quickie today to let you know there is an interview with me on the super duper Artists Who Blog.

It's created by Stephanie Levy, an American artist living in Munich. She makes the most beautiful collage pieces and check out her new 'Ikea Dreams' light panels.
Because of the colours and types of papers she uses, her work is so 'stained-glassy' that when lit from behind it translates perfectly into an illuminated piece. It's interesting to see that kind of progression in someone's work.

I really got into this interview - my answers are quite long...bare with it if you can! And have a lovely weekend all. x

p.s. desk thursday is now a flickr group. I think you can just join yourself, but if you have to be invited, just let me or Xanthe know and we will invite you!


  1. Just read it. Wow, what a great interview and insight...your answers weren't too long at all. Really interesting and well put together. And congratulations on your pregnancy too!

  2. Thanks so much for your participation Francesca!
    Your work is lovely and it was a pleasure to read and post your insights!

    All the best,

  3. I liked your honest and motivating answers about blogging, being an artist and a mum a lot. And of course, I love your beautiful artwork!

    Alles Gute


  4. Fantastic interview - really interesting and honest. Very helpful to us newcomers too!

    Also just wanted to say good luck with the last month of your pregnancy - you'll have the same age gap as my two (and I think it works very well!) ^.^

  5. thank you so much ladies, i'm so glad you found it interesting and helpful. x

  6. well that was just a 'peachy' interview dearest Fran (i really need to move on from my word of the week)...
    i enjoyed it all but my most favoritey thing of all was the pic at the top!!! it was lovely to see you and your little one (and might i add looking so flipping 'cute' for 8 months pregnant).
    your blog is always a delight to read, your creative thought process 'a wonder' to witness and your friendship, one of my favorites in blogland... and i thank you kindly for that :)
    have a lovely weekend
    Tif x

  7. Yes you look totally wonderful in the picture. What a great interview, really enjoyed the insight into your work and thoughts.

  8. thanks so much...i must stress though that i am very far from 8 months pregnant in that picture! it was taken last august in italy. i am quite a bit larger now! x

  9. such a lovely interview..x.


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