Monday, May 04, 2009


I like the word Closure; it's one of those made up words isn't it? I first heard it on an episode of Friends so I don't believe it existed in the UK pre 1995! Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it first appeared in a Shakespeare play, like everything else.

I’m closing out neutrals week with a little beige and our rainbow weekend. You can see all my pics here and Xanthe’s here. I really enjoyed it.

My lovely father-in-law showcasing a bit of beige

Weekend Rainbow

*** *** *** *** ***

I've added quite a few different products in the past few weeks. I think I am probably subconsciously trying to get as much in as possible before the end of the month. I often make things to order but I am going to start stockpiling a few things just so the shop can stay afloat. I was awake at 4.30 this morning worrying about this kind of thing!

Something that's been on the list for a while are my little words left over from when I used to make my "I like list" t'shirts. I thought about tote bags, and while I was researching them I found some lovely little jute bags...perfect. So I am awaiting the delivery of the word "And" and the words "About You" and then I will get sewing.

Other than that, there is another little paper book on the go and then I really, really need to go to Mothercareworld.


  1. can't wait for the bags.....i will be stocking the pic of alfred.......have fun at mothercareworld!

  2. love this post! your pics look great, brilliant end to a wonderfully creative week.

    put me second on the list, i'm a bit of a jute bag fan.


  3. Lovely stuff! I've been missing out on blog fixes lately as we don't the internet at the new place...yet. I like the word "closure" too, I recently found out it's a comic book tern for imagining what's going on outside of a story panel, you mind filling in the gaps I guess. That's why I like it :)

  4. love the name tapes, i have some vintage ones that say 'servants' linen', ha!

    i love this burst of creativity you're having, it's very inspiring!

  5. thanks nath, v sweet. i like the sound of your name tapes too.


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