Thursday, May 28, 2009

Desk Thursday / Messy home update


Packing up tea towels and a wooden book all going to the US. Desk Thursday group pool here.

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I loved your responses to my messy home post yesterday. I agree, Elisabeth's home is still lovely, even with mess. Thank you for leaving your links to other messy houses...I feel a new blog coming on, Anti-Apartment Therapy perhaps; just homes 'in need of updating' (as the estate agents say), and not a Danish sideboard in sight!

Please join me in posting a picture of either a completely undesirable part of your home or a really dull or unaesthetically pleasing object that you would never normally allow in a photo shoot (thrifted quirky, kitschy and therefore cool items shall not be allowed!) I am coming out of the closet and posting my favourite mug.

What can I say, I have indeed had it since 1981 and it's just the perfect size. I even mended the handle a couple of weeks ago. (Photo includes kitchen counter biscuit crumbs.)

Have a lovely weekend all. x

p.s. I love that Janne has Elle Deco shooting her house today! Perfect timing!


  1. oh dear, oh dear, what a can of worms you've opened!

    and i have a contribution for Desk Thursday! which includes a glimpse of the horrible phone that Paul has on his desk, perhaps i can kill two birds with one stone... how do i get into the Desk Thursday group then, hmm?


  2. sounds perfect! i think you can just join the group but i will send you an invite in case you can't.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love it. I'm telling you, having a photographer from an interior magazine coming to your house really puts a spin on the cleaning... I'm so done. Bring on the mess.

  4. thank you for the invite, dear Francesca X

  5. I wouldn't even know where to start choosing the unstylish bits of my house. I think I'd need a whole Flickr group to myself for this one.

    I quite enjoy the way I can live for days seeing my house through rose-tinted spectacles, focusing only on the last thing I painted or fixed, convinced that it improves everything! And then it wears off.

  6. Rather than the mess (as I try to be quite tidy) could I post dirt or is that going too far? My cleaning has a lot to be desired and generally tidyness covers up dirt. I mean when does anyone have time to clean out cupboards or clean skirting boards?
    Loved that you cried to doh reh me btw. At least i am not alone. I could cry at anything, hormonal or not! Including the dirt in my house. I guess at least it is mine - the dirt that is! x

  7. mess, dirt, an ugly short, when design sponge do their 'before and after' features, i just want to see the before!

  8. I was just about to tidy up, but maybe I'll take some pics instead! Funnily enough, I just sent off an illustration to a magazine running a humorous story hoping for a "chaos chic" trend. Looks like it's happening...
    Have a happy weekend!

  9. Aw, I ruined my photo ops by having my parents over to lunch, necessitating a major scrub up.

  10. I love the inspiration behind this! I might just take you up on it!


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