Monday, May 25, 2009

I want...

I imagine this is a common occurrence, especially among the design-crazy-scando-loving among you: You see a picture on a blog, you click on a link, your eyes widen, your jaw drops, you might say "oh my god" out loud, you want to cry. Yes? That's what just happened when I saw that you can buy one of my favourite fabrics by the metre, in the UK.

And then I saw this tea towel.


  1. Wowza, both excellent finds! Are those tiny weeny little foxes? I love that tea towel too...
    So yes the font I used is called Green Piloww (I have no idea what it means) and you can find it here

  2. yes, little foxes. i have the cushion, now i want the tablecloth, the fabric and everything else!

    thanks for the font link, that designer has some great fonts. i love that site! hours and hours of browsing...

  3. Oooh, that's a bit special isn't it?

    [raids piggy bank and searches down back of sofa for some spare cash]

  4. you nicely described what happened to me when i found a little pic on flickr the other day, it made my little heart freeze for a mo.
    that one pic led to a bigger pile of pics that led to a website that led to the 'knowledge' a shop was out there in the world which i will never get to go into but full of the most loveliest loveliness i have ever seen :)

    do you have plans Miss Fran for the fabric?

  5. the problem miss tif, is that i am not a seamstress. the best i can do is a wonky cushion cover and i already have a cushion in that fabric, i brought it all the way home from sweden. if i could i would make curtains, or a blind, or at least a tablecloth! ooh, imagine if you could get it in wallpaper! that would be my ultimate dream.

  6. oh my. that is very lovely indeed. so beautiful. now, i want it!

  7. I have been wanting that fox textile for quite a while now too. Gonna put it on my birthday wish list!

  8. that tea towel is gorgeous..x.


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