Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More objects / A messy home at last

I have always been drawn to this page in Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll & Jan Pienkowski. The graphic images, the colour and of course the objects. It probably inspired Placing Things in some way.

******* ******* *******

So nice to see a messy home. We see so many goorrrrgeously styled (and sometimes over-styled) houses on the blogs every day, (my current swoonfest is The Seventy Tree) what a relief to see that Elisabeth's home isn't always white, clean and stark with just the perfect splash of colour. Thank you Elisabeth!

p.s. remember it's desk thursday tomorrow if you want to join in!


  1. Elisabeth's home looks gorgeous even with the mess (gorgeosu mess). There was this home from a talented lady in Australia that chocked me to bits, although I love her designs and work

  2. Thank you for this link! I really feel like you do! It is so good to see that there is chaos in other homes and not just white beauty and styled perfection! It is funny that I had just written an comment on this great German blog ( that I loved her blog becouse it was not always perfect but funny and very student-like (I don't know how to say "studentisch" in English).

    Have a nice day!


  3. How come my mess doesn't look that sylish...right now I'm looking at empty video casette cases, smushed-up playdoh ground into the carpet and 4 jigsaw puzzles all muddled you think it will catch on as a look?

  4. Thank you for your links ladies, very funny! Let's start a revolution!

  5. Oh yes, thanks for this link. Love the messy house too, and makes me so much more forgiving of mine!

  6. ha, i like that page in Meg and Mog as well.

    sigh, my house rarely looks like anything approaching gorgeously styled, but i like to think that even a mess is dramatically improved by Swedish light. that's the secret.

  7. thought I recognised that image. Takes me back to sitting with all my six year old pals in the children's library when I was little.
    Thanks for the memory.

    I tagged you over at L&S if you feel like sharing some likes and dislikes : )


  8. Hello. He he I love that page too. Used to be one of my daughter's favourites. Makes me want to put it in a frame when I see it there in its glory! Thanks for mentioning me too!

  9. i'm big fan of meg and mog, love the bold colours and simple drawings, my boys have always loved them...meg's eggs is our fav...x.

  10. Ah we got this book from the library this week and have been enjoying it so very much. A lovely way to write a shopping list I think.


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