Friday, May 15, 2009

Placing Things

I have an obsession with small objects…things. And how lovely they are, just on their own, out of context. Like a tied piece of string, a bowl, an apple. I dug out my old poem book recently and some words from one poem inspired this little book.

While I was sketching this out, Heather posted about her lovely new/old keys and filled in the last piece of the puzzle for me.

In the shops today.

*** *** *** *** ***

Talking of beautiful objects, I am swooning over this set on flickr.
Have a lovely weekend all. x


  1. Oh yes - those typewriter ribbons are fabulous. Mmmm, something about old fashioned typewriters isn't there - the clickety clack, the smudgy letters, the lever on the side to return carriage...right, that's it...i'm going on Ebay now to get one!

    Really love the new book - especially the milk carton - perfect simplicity ^.^

  2. lovely comment flora, i love old typewriters too. and the graphics on those tins are so beautiful.

  3. you always manage it don't you fran? you snare me in by posting lovely pics of your latest work and then "ping" you show me a link to something i hadn't thought to collect and now of course i wish i had thought to collect... if you know what i mean. i have been thinking about old typewriters recently, my dream thrifty find at the mo.
    any tears today?

  4. So lovely, and I'm delighted that my keys worked as a puzzle piece. I'll send this link through to Beryl who gave me the keys - I know she'll be delighted!

  5. tif - of course!
    heather & beryl - thanks for the inspiration.

  6. How wonderful that my keys have arrived back in the UK (if only by internet) where most of them originated. I lived in Middlesex &Buckinhamshire until I was married & came to S. Africa.


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