Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Red Balloon - again

I can't get away from The Red Balloon. I have made a little wooden book, a triptych and a concertina card. When I first had contact with We Heart Books, they mentioned they would love to see a Red Balloon little paper book, and although I am slowly winding things up for the month, I couldn't help myself. So here it is.

With more pages to fill, it's more detailed than my other Red Balloon pieces, I've added some rooftops (I love rooftops)

and I must give Susy Jack a shout-out for originally selling me her 'dotty dots', which inspired the balloons.

I've just popped it in the shops.


  1. Like rooftops too but especially yours! x

  2. oh, Francesca, it's darling!

  3. hej francesca,
    love your work around the red balloon. am obsessed with it too- at least since i saw "the films" ...


    REALLY like your "messy me" and "thursday desk" ideas... that´s fun and a great kind of revolution!!

    sunny sundays
    miss s.


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