Monday, May 18, 2009

Sue Williams A'Court

Last weekend I visited an open studios weekend and came away with a painting. I first noticed Sue Williams A'Court because of her home, which appeared in Elle Deco a few years ago, and her beautiful house and studio had always stayed with me. So when I saw she was involved in my local open studios event and the opportunity arose to go and visit, I jumped at it.

If you know my work you can probably see what I like about hers, the organic forms, recurring egg/pebble motif, the textural canvases and her inspiration by the objects around her. I am such a colour freak but I am also so drawn to this subtle natural palette. Partly why I loved neutrals week so much.
It was so lovely to have a chat with her about all the above and I felt I had to have a souvenir. I was torn between two works but came away with this one:

Thank you for the lovely tour of your home Sue and for being so welcoming.
Here is Sue's website and here's the original Elle Deco piece.


  1. I can see why, yes.
    This is such a nice painting...something calming about it and lovely subtle colours. Good choice.

  2. Just lovely and yes I can see why you would like it.

  3. oh wow, her house is gorgeous! and great choice of painting, hope you find somewhere nice to hang it..x.

  4. What a gorgeous painting! The house is fabulous too. Thanks for this. K


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