Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I refuse to particpate in a recession

I've got a new sidebar inspired by all the lovely things I find online that I SIMPLY MUST HAVE! I think this bag from Alphabags says it all.

One of the nicest things about coming back from hospital (apart from bringing home a new little bundle), was finding all the lovely purchases I had forgotten about, waiting for me to open.

No. 1: You may already know how much I love Amanda Blake's work. Originally I wanted this but it was over my budget (believe me, I was tempted) and also promised to someone else. So then I got this. You know...yellow, stripes, a tree and as my father-in-law told me, looked like me, 8 months pregnant (cheers). And now I have my Lydia.

Amanda was recently wrestling with the idea of being able to offer more affordable works so she looked into getting prints made of her original works. But it didn't sit well with her so now she is making these beautiful affordable drawings, which I think are the perfect solution. And it makes me even happier to know that Lydia was Amanda's favourite of the set too.

No. 2: Nina Van de Goor's work has been on my wish list for a while. I kept clicking on this bowl, hoping it was still there and in the end, I thought it was best to just buy the thing!

It's so, so lovely. If you don't know her blog, check it out, it's full of the most gorgeous colours and patterns. You will be there all day.

3: Then since I came home I bought this collage of Full Stops from my lovely invisible friend Anna over here.
Do you think all this shopping is a hormonal thing?

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post, sweet invisible friends. x


  1. Wow. That bowl really is lovely. Not to mention her blog... You're father in law was wrong, by the way. That's me. Most days. (Some days my calves are bigger.)

  2. Oh lovely things!

    This is the problem with blogging, i keep discovering things I just can't live without!

  3. oh, i like this bag, it's a good idea!
    and thank you fort he discovery of Nina Van de Goor's work. I go to see her blog.

  4. They are all truly gorgeous things. What a lovely bounty to come home to! I think if shopping is related to the hormones then I must be a very hormonal girl! :) K

  5. oh my ...your taste is fantastic! I love all of your purchases! Such unique and special things........xo

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I've already added you to my blog I'll be around:)

  6. Eeep! Thanks, I'm so glad you like your collage, and thanks for the mention, all lovely purchases! Lu and i bought loads yesterday, I'm waiting for a bit of sun before I photograph my finds. We mainly bought lovely pottery, my fave piece was a bit of Denby Burlington design. Pics soon! x

  7. Ok, so I have always known that I am a little bit blonde but your last post threw mw a bit - didn't really understand - duh. Although to my credit, I have only just started reading your blog and didn't realise that you were pregnant so suddenly a tiny person on your desk didn't make sense to me. Sorry! Huge congratulations to you. Enjoy this special, special time for it passes so fast. Gus is such a fab name. Well done you xxx

  8. nononono!! nothing hormonal i can see. just did lot of shopping over here ( and unfortunately no little bundle at my place;) may be soon......who knows!

    the full stops are fantastic!
    wish you nice first days together...

  9. i think you are most deserving of all these treats...
    i too love nina's shop, i am coverting this at the mo...

    off to check out your new sidebar... what a great addition to your blog :)

  10. Now I can tell that each purchase was thought about deeply and each thing chosen with the utmost care. So I don't think that they can be hormonal grab and dash purchases. And as such they are to be celebrated! They are all lovely.

  11. hahaha, i'm really enjoying your I WANT list. i really want that dress as well. i can only ever buy things from Toast in the sale. so i was quite upset to see it mentioned on A Cup Of Jo, it means that competition will be fierce when it comes to sale time. boo.



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