Monday, July 06, 2009

The Mill

I missed Desk Thursday last week, I was packing for the weekend, shopping, and house hunting all at the same time so I didn't have the time. Hope to be back this week.

I spent the weekend in The Isle of Wight with my family and a big group of old friends. My friend Rosie's house has been in her family for many (eek, I should ask exactly how many) years. It's an old Mill, fairly ramshackle but with so much charm and character, and it's only when I go there or think of the place that I realize how much it influences my work.

From the piles of books...

to the knick-knacks on the deep window sills...

to the little rowing boat outside.

The light is so beautiful down there. Here are some more photos from The Mill.


  1. sounds like a great weekend!
    such a special place, all those wallpapers are stunning patterns, i love the galloping horses and leaves, i bet we'll see some of those patterns in your work.
    great selection pics, love seeing the mill through your eyes! x.

  2. What a completely inspiring and magical place. So full of inspiration. I love the 'one more chapter and I shall go to bed' picture. That could sum up every single night of my life.

  3. very beautiful, i can see why you find it so inspirational... :)

  4. oh my goodness, that wallpaper is AMAZING, it looks like a luvely place to hang out with old friends especially in this beautiful British summer we are having x

  5. soo beautiful-
    I have just awarded you with a 'make-my-heart-smile-bolg-award',
    so you can just enjoy it or pass it on to another ten...

  6. beautiful pictures. wish i had somewhere to escape to like that.

  7. Ooo, now I'm in love with it too! :) What a wonderful retreat. I already love your work but now it all feels so much more special. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to seeing you on Desk Thursday. :) Kylie

  8. wow! i already favourited that wonderful horsey wallpaper. lucky you having such a dreamy magical spot to conjure ideas in.

    and cripes! you sound very busy! hope all is well.


  9. Those leaves! The horses! What a beautiful place.

  10. beautiful surroundings. I especially love the wallpapers.

  11. What a lovely post, so nice to see your work and what inspired it. I love the Isle of Wight, it's so near geographically but feels just a little bit magic...

  12. Love the rowing boat + illo. Great work

  13. Such wonderful wallpapers - especially the leaf design, and the horses, and the 50's style ceiling paper... I think you have visited a textile designers dream location!


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