Monday, August 17, 2009

Breezy Shores...

Oh my goodness. I am still going through my elle decos from the last 10 years, saving the bits I like and purging the rest. It's a long process, but with moving on the cards, the heat is on!

Anyway, at last I found the copy that made me fall in love with elle deco and get a subscription. It's from August 1999 and is a feature on a gorgeous little beach hut. Well, my taste has changed a lot since that shabby chic era, but my love of beach huts has not.

I wonder if the owner still has her beach hut, and what Breezy Shores is like now.


  1. oh my goodness, i remember that issue too! so gorgeous.

    the place we're staying in now, is just like a beach hut, all white and blue, so pretty!

    hope you're feeling better...x.

  2. Wow, moving house, new baby and STILL impressed!

    I have always loved Ellen O'Neill's Long Island house...all whitewashed panelling and crisp blue-and-white striped old linen...[wistful sigh]

  3. gotta get my ya-yas where i can flora! x

  4. Oh what a gorgeous house !!!love the colours, the simplcity, the coziness, the windows! Good luck with going through your magazines- it does look like fun!
    Annamaria xx

  5. Hi there, just popping by for the first time! (via loulou loves books)

    Kids are back at school for the first day today and so I intend to do the same as you, spend the day sorting through a veritable mountain of magazines, fuelled by much coffee!

    Work can start again next week..........

  6. I had to do just that when I moved house ~ but I couldn't part with my Wallpaper mags ....
    I dream of living in a little wooden hut on the beach with the woods behind....
    liking your inspirations

  7. Incredible,i ripped out the pictures of that article as well,i wonder where exactly that place is...?it looks sooo cozy!!


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