Monday, August 17, 2009

Fantasy Dollshouse

If you're a person who likes doll's houses, and mid-century modern (yes you!), you might have spotted this already - the Clearview Doll's House by Elaine Shaw for

Complete with Eero Aarnio Ball Chair and an Eames lounger, Barbie and Ken have never been so stylish. Actually, scratch that, please don't let Barbie and Ken anywhere near this house.


  1. Oh dear! No, I had not seen this before. Thank you so much! I agree - way too good for Ken and Barb :-)

  2. So very much in agreement there! This is a great find Francesca. Thanks. K

  3. In miniature! Ah, lovely.

  4. Oh wow! That is so cute! I do confess... I love dollhouses. I wish I had this one! :)


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