Monday, September 21, 2009

Congratulations Joanna!

Joanna Goddard got married a couple of weeks ago and has posted some honeymoon pics. Her blog is one of my faves, always chock full of brilliant posts and links. Here are two of my favourite recent ones. The Polite Umbrella (link not working, scroll down for the sweet video), and How to get snapped by the Sartorialist (just perfect).

I've enjoyed following Joanna's journey to the aisle from the minute she posted her stunning engagement pics. Funny, as I wasn't at all the wedding planner type. We decided to get married while we were on a round the world trip. Made the decision in Costa Rica, got the papers in Panama, wrote our vows in Chile and said 'I do' in the botanical gardens in Sydney. Pretty wonderful but I could only ever have done it that way; done and dusted within a couple of months, cost about £400. I think Ben's suit cost more.

Thanks for the inspiration Joanna!

p.s. This used to be a very private blog just about my work. Now you know the names of my children and how much my wedding cost. Sheesh! What happened?!


  1. such sweetness! love your wedding shot...

    i keep checking max wanger's blog daily to see when he will upload joanna's wedding photos, i hope it's soon! his photos are amazing...

    happy monday...x.

  2. yes, ben's suit did cost more and i recall a lot of faffing in the decision making process! love that pic - it was a beautiful day

  3. thanks for taking it p! and all the others. x

  4. Haha, I know exactly what you mean! When I started blogging I was being super professional, only about my work. But these days I can't seem to help get more and more personal out pourings on there!

  5. hahahaha! it all comes spilling out in the end! that's such a beautiful photograph of you two. coo.


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