Thursday, September 10, 2009

Desk Thursday

A little bit of work on my desk today, finishing an order for the Folksy shop. Now I've got to pack it up.

*** *** *** *** ***

Just joined this flickr group. Drawing takes a lot longer than a photo so I hope I will actually post something at some point! Will let you know.


  1. wow, it's the perfect flickr group for you, can't wait to see your first upload.
    happy desk thursday! didn't manage one for myself this week. x.

  2. Oh yes, I spotted that the other day and thought "what fun!"

    The work on your desk looks sublime ^.^

  3. ah flora, you got there before me. i shall try to use sublime in my next post! x

  4. I love your Desk Thursday posts Francesca :)
    This work looks gorgeous. K

  5. that looks like a great fun flickr group, might have to give a go too! (Anything to get out of photographing meself!)

  6. I like where this is going :-) Looks so sweet

  7. * sigh. beautiful cards.


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