Thursday, September 17, 2009

Desk Thursday

Snatching little moments of time as he gets happier on the playmat for longer. Happy Desk Thursday.


  1. Gus! there you are, my haven't you grown. You look perfect just the kind of baby I like to munch.
    Well done for snatching those moments. It is not easy. x

  2. my goodness look how big he is!

  3. hej francesca, i love all the funny groups you do or are in....desk thursday, messy house. anti-heroic blogging - thats what i call it. or the kind of trendwatching you do. I LIKE THAT. i will try myself, i think. and: is just WOOOHW! thanks fot that tip.till next time....

  4. Gus is looking so big!
    I love the beach ball design you're working on, your holiday photos are just beautiful. I am however slightly scared at how prepared you are for Christmas already x

  5. i got a little heads up from dawanda, one of their newsletters to sellers reminding us that it was just around the corner! got me into a frenzy! x


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