Thursday, September 24, 2009

Desk Thursday

Busy Thursday today. Photographing Christmas cards (had to get all my baubles out of storage - very odd!) and packing up orders. Doing so much in the evenings at the moment, not enough hours in the day.


  1. They look beautiful Francesca. Love their soft colours.

  2. Looking great! I'm deeply envious.

  3. your cards look really beautiful and tastefully festive!

    evening work is exhausting isnt it - you have my total sympathy.

  4. perhaps gus could wear a knitted elf hat, thus bringing even more of a christmas vibe to your photo taking...

    i missed gus's appearance on your last desk thursday, have no idea how, when he is looking so peachy perfect (having spied him lower down the page)...

    and one last little note... yes, i do find it quite amusing to 'see' so much more of your life. years back it was all work but now we see play as well. i think that's great!!!

    hope you find more hours located somewhere on your desk...
    happy desk thursday :)


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