Monday, September 28, 2009

Idle blogworld gossip

I did not know that The Sartorialist and Garance Doré were an item.
That's all.

oh p.s. my sis P texted me the other day to say she walked past The Sartorialist at London Fashion Week. She was so excited. She walked back past him a couple of times, and though I'm sure she looked awesomely cool, as she always does, she did not get the snap. Oh well P, maybe next time. x


  1. Wow... that makes sense I guess - did you see his post about her a couple of weeks ago? Very lovey ;)

    p.s. (I'm sure he had the misfortune to be looking the other way when your sister passed!)

    :) K

  2. See all the cool people hang out together! They should really start spreading their genes so other mere mortals can start looking good too.

  3. exactly kylie, very diplomatic!

    laura, i cannot imagine their kids, suri cruise, eat your heart out!

  4. yeah, he was actually looking down, so obviously missed my sartorialness!

  5. ps - this is where i found out
    so lovely

  6. yes, i did know that, Dorset is well known for being the hub of all fashionista gossip. there was a pic of them in The Guardian at the weekend, and (whisper) he's not as handsome as i thought he was going to be.


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