Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Swimming Pool Love

So I got completely obsessed with the swimming pool at our villa. I caught a glimpse of the shadow of a rubber ring one day and I was hooked. Kept having to chase them round the pool, floaty little things!

Maybe there'll be some pattern inspiration for me here. There is something about circles.

A few months ago I took a couple of Xanthe's Pattern & Shape Week pictures and turned them into patterns.

So much fun.

Swimming Pool flickr set here.


  1. I love love love ♥ the mosaic of your pool images on Flickr, just popped over there and got wowed.

  2. oh thank you! i love those little flickr squares, they make all photos look better than they actually are!

  3. you should take a look at Philippe Bertho's paintings ;^) he seems to be fascinated by these circles as well.

  4. oh so lovely. I feel like i've had a holiday just looking at that gorgeous blue...

  5. oh, these are so lovely. the bottom of the pool looks like graph paper. i'm sure you're going to make something magical from this. (and i love the little triangle repeat, but then, i would!)

  6. i bet the patterns, squares and circles are buzzing round your head... your pool images are very special.
    and thanks for showing our pattern collaboration, they look great together!....

  7. I wanted to say how much I thought the photo of the ball in your 'back!' post was so you. And then we were treated to more! I love the bright colours against that hot blue. And the shadows, just wonderful. Glad you're back, hope you had a wonderful time. x

  8. Great serious of photos. OMG I so need to go on holiday now!

  9. thank you all -
    thanks melanie for the link.
    amy - maybe a half term jaunt?

  10. Love those photos and am looking forward to seeing the patterns that result.


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