Monday, October 05, 2009

Bagpuss prints

My Bagpuss prints, as I have come to label them (though not in my shop as 80% of people won't know what I'm on about) are nearly finished, and I'll pop them in the shops in the next couple of days. I might play around with the compositions a bit more and I'm also trying to decide whether to include the text. Personally, I like it. But the space is less crowded without...any thoughts?

I'll post up the finished boy and girl prints when they're in the shops.


  1. These are so lovely! I personally like them without the text but that's maybe just because the "My.." element makes me think of them as your personal collections rather than those of a boy or girl who maybe your target audience (or rather their parents, unless they are super cool Etsy-savvy kids!) LOVE them though, whatever you decide xx

  2. Lovely always!
    Annamaria xx

  3. Love them and can't choose, so not much help at all! And how lovely that you came up with them having a moment to yourself in the cafe. I can just picture you now. Very civilised. I will be taking a leaf out of your book.

  4. They really are gorgeous - your bagpuss elephant just makes me melt! I really like the text included... I think it adds to the piece without compromising the white space too much at all. Good luck with these - though I'm sure you don't need luck... they'll fly out the door :) K

  5. LO
    i like the type, perhaps you could offer both?

  6. looooove them!
    i personally prefer them with the text.

  7. I like them with the text. They are so sweet, and the typeface you use is beautiful. Otherwise I wouldn't know that The Elephant's name was Patrick :-) Or that the pencil wasn't just a decorative one, but at ROCKET pencil. (which I thought was super-cool). I love them. They are gorgeous :-)

  8. you are all sooooo lovely! i think i will do a little 'leave a comment, name out of a hat' thingy when i post them both up here. thank you so much for your advice.

    anna, that's interesting, i wonder if the odd 'a' instead of all 'my' would help with that? will ponder it.

  9. Yes, I agree......they are lovely but I prefer them without the text.

  10. The prints are lovely both with & without text - I think you should offer both!

    I always wanted to visit Emily's shop; all the lost things...

    Thanks for your lovely comment today X

  11. I definitely prefer the text version, but agree with Anna on the "my" issue. I'm not even sure you need an "a"...maybe just "rocket pencil" is enough.

    Looking forward to seeing the girly are spot on with the little handbags. Another thing my girls are both obsessed with is "tucking things up"...i.e. soft toys in shoe-box beds covered in little blankets, teatowels, loo roll - whatever they can find to hand when the urge strikes them! I find these little nests all over the house!

  12. fran I LOVE them and for whats its worth I like them with text the 'bounciest ball ever' is so cute

  13. has to be 'with'... i love the scribbly writing, it fills in the blanks for me :)
    i'm all over bagpuss done 'fran style'...
    i'm off to ask the mice in my studio to start singing "heave, heave, heave" whilst moving the awful piles of linens and stuff that surrounds me... to somewhere out of sight :)

    loved your list on flickr :)
    Tif x

  14. i like it with the text... it seems less abstract.


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