Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday shenanigans

Been away for a little while. Not physically, just mentally. Still packing boxes for moving and gathering stock for the We Make Fair. I always think I won't have much to do, but it always turns out to be so time-consuming. Haven't been posting, flickring or even reading blogs for a while. I think the lack of time has just caught up with me and I have run out of steam.
I hope to be back soon.

Today is Isi's 4th birthday. So I wanted to share my morning so far.

Birthday shenanigans...

breakie in his new eggcup then time for nursery...

walking on the wall...

down the pole...

almost there...

don't forget the chocolate crispies for the class...

and at the cafe in time for thursday tea with Bee.

Hope all is well in your blogosphere my lovelies. x


  1. happy birthday so far today! what a lovely morning, how perfect is that egg cup for him, and of course, he got woody!, bet he was thrilled.
    congrats to you guys too, 4 years gone in a flash.
    see you soon! much love, x.

  2. Happy birthday Isi. Hope you all had a winderful day. I really remember speaking to you on the phone and telling me you were preggers. I think I blurted out I was a lady with a baby also, despite only being about 5 mins gone. Love to you all xxx

  3. i remember it so well too sal. you were the first one i told. and then you told me your news. twins. brilliant. x

  4. That's such a great set of photos - I love the walking-along-the-wall/fireman's-slide-down-the-lampost pair the best!

    Happy birthday to your boy. And nice to see you back ^.^

  5. gorgeous, can't wait to give him a birthday hug

  6. What a lovely birthday morning - cool eggcup. Busy time of year right, know what you mean about not enough time. Hate not having time to read blogs but summats gotta give.....
    Hope Isi enjoyed the rest of the day x

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Isi, what a lovely new egg cup
    Mandy x


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