Friday, November 20, 2009


Chinese Girl - Vladimir Tretchikoff

I was watching this great documentary called The Art on Your Wall with Sue Perkins today, a history of what we folk choose to put on our walls. It included such classics as Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl, Martin Elliot's Tennis Girl and a current best seller Ullswater by Mel Allen.

Ullswater - Mel Allen

She talked to the people who bought popular prints and about why they bought them and I suddenly thought, Wow! People choose to buy my work to put on their walls! It's no real revelation, and I do count my lucky stars every day, but I suddenly felt so utterly grateful and so honoured. So, thank you, for every single sale.

Have a lovely weekend all. x


  1. You're so nice Fran. It's pretty moving when you get thinking about these things.
    Love your new tea towels too x

  2. We watched that too, have to say your tea towels are on my Christmas list and I am planning on framing it!

  3. re your comment. yes, you're right those are the terms and conditions. and yes, it'd take a while to earn €50 that's for sure. but it's been a good way for me to use some designs that i might not have been able to due to lack of screen-printing facilities.

    what i'd like to do is to get some of my work made up into something i could sell myself....

  4. We're honoured to have you on our walls. I have the print you gave me called 'Home' in pur hall so everyone who comes in can see it and the 'Bell, pig, cup' print is on the wall in the boys bedroom. I love your work in out house x

  5. thank you sal! such a lovely comment, i'm so thrilled to be gracing your walls. x


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