Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea towel number four coming soon

I've had these 3 designs filed for aaaages.

I loved the watering cans,

liked the seedlings,

but couldn't get to grips with the cuttings.

So I've thrown them all together and now I think they work much better. This will be a new tea towel coming soon.


  1. oh. so. lovely.
    love them all together, but I also REALLY like the seedlings on their own...
    well done!....x.

  2. I love them all together too... also love the watering cans as is. That's the problem with 'folk' we'll all choose something different! ;) K

  3. Oh, um, and I tagged you for a morning cuppa It's a low-stress tag, I hope!

  4. Too good to be a tea towel. They would all look lovely on my walls. Got fed up without the internet and went and got a dongal (spelt wrongly I'm sure). Couldn't deal with the whole cold turkey feeling. Hope your packing is going well. We seem to have endless boxes here! x

  5. Really beautiful - I can think of various gardener types I know who'd like these!

  6. these are stunning fran my fav is watering cans x


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