Sunday, December 20, 2009

I want this...

...but since i pretty much only go to nursery and to the post office, is it too much for the school run?

p.s. remember i am also 36 and do not look exactly like lauren conrad from the hills.


  1. it's cute! i say get it!

  2. have always loved this site, my fav is

    your choice is so cute, shall we buy them one day and go out in them together. x.

  3. Absolutely not. Perish the thought.

  4. oh goody. thanks for the support!
    and xanna...yes!

  5. i like this one
    reminds me of whitney. i say go for it before isi is old enough to tell you that he's too embarrassed to go out with you looking like that!

  6. Yes, perfect for the nursery run, with the child dressed to match. The same for the post office trips but with gossamer wings added. Take it from me, I've been to the post office; I know what people wear.

  7. i'm 36 too, but I say hey, get it too - you've got to have fun now, however old we are!


  8. I want it too. You can totally wear that on the school run and also your list of daily words made me laugh particularly the 'how long did he sleep' line.
    Thanks for checking in to see how I'm doing. Just made up the last order for Christmas - woohoo. I'm knackered, my fingers are bleeding and I have a cold but I am super happy and tres giddy about Christmas.
    Looking forward to coming back to blog land soon.
    A very merry Christmas to you xxx

  9. I think definitely go for hairband - I recently posted a picture of a laguna beach girl whose hair I copied and for a while forgot that I do not actually look like her .... ignorance is bliss


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