Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some things I say at least once, every day.


careful, CAREFUL!
oh for god's sake.
i love you.
gussy! gussy boom booms!
get dressed isi.
how long did he sleep?
hello smiler!
what's up monkey bean?
dada. dada.
what time is it?
it's goodnight from me. goodnight.
is the archers in yet?
la di da.
is the heating on?
UK first class printed papers please.
it's bloody freezing.
where's gussy's elephant/hat/mittens/wipes/my keys/my ipod/my watch/ etc
no thanks.
could you get that out of his mouth please?
with marmite?
can i speak to michael gorman please?
oh well, never mind.
hi, it's me.

It's a list thing flickr pool

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  1. lovely lady, that really made me chuckle!
    who's michael gorman?

  2. i was going to ask the same question! x.

    is the archers in yet? gotta love that, a proper adult.

  3. That's so sweet, funny, true!

    You forgot, "Hang on a minute" (in slightly harassed tone)

  4. Excellent list~it will remind me to take notice of what I am repeating...I also say 'is the heating on?' a lot at the moment and 'where's my ----?(insert name of tool e.g scalpel, bonefolder etc) it's amazing how much I do talk with only the dog to hear me most of the time...
    I'm really into lists at the moment, but NOT shopping ones. I've got too many of those.
    Can you e me your address, I would love to send you one of my xmas list/lust prints?

  5. oh yes flora! 200 times a day "hang on a minute!"

  6. so funny! But what does 'is the archers in yet' mean?

  7. That's so funny. I tell my children a hundred times a day that we have to keep the show on the road, i.e. get to school, get home from school, do X before Y. The eldest, if tired of my harassment, correctly points out that the show has crashed off the road and is beyond recovery.

  8. mise - that is so funny when they start getting too clever for you! i too say 'let's get this show on the road' as well as 'chop chop!' all to hurry my 4 year old along. none of which ever work of course!

    suzie - i don't know where you're from originally but the archers is a british radio soap about the farming community that has been running for 50 years. i used to tease my mum about it but over the last year i've been drawn in. i get the podcast in every evening.

  9. Hello flora sent me here to your lovely blog
    that is oh so true....i get so tired saying the same things...
    I sometimes feel i'm like one of those talking dolls that have 5 basic settings and wish i could press the relevant button.....these are my constants to my 13 year old son

    bring your key
    do your homework
    wear your hat
    pick that up
    don't leave that there

    actually i think i need more than 5 settings .

  10. ha! this is brilliant. it really made me smile.

    my latest refrains are;

    time to brush your teeth! (this x 100 probably)
    you've already opened the elephant (sic - she means Advent) calender. (this is obviously a seasonal one)

  11. Did you hear me?
    Do it now not tomorrow!
    Who will set the table?
    Who will wash the dishes?
    Who will vacuum after dinner?
    Did you hear me?

    You see Fransesca, I have older kids....
    Take care,
    Annamaria :)

  12. oh yes, 'did you hear me?' is also up there.
    do you vacuum after dinner every night annamaria? at the moment, i only vacuum after rice. whenever i serve up rice i think 'now why did i do that?'!

  13. Now that is a great mantra right there. i'm having that made into a t-shirt.

    I only vacuum after rice

  14. I love you too! ;-) Thanks for this, Francesca.

    We only manage to vacuum about once a week... And have rice every so often. This is where the dog comes in handy.

  15. This is brilliant. I did my own here:
    Not as entertaining as yours, perhaps, but ever-so-fun! Thanks for the idea. Someone on my blog suggested that we do one called "things I hear from my kids every day," but that might be more frustrating, now, wouldn't it?!...
    Happy holidays to you...!


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