Saturday, January 09, 2010

Aha! Oho! A track in the snow!

I loved looking at the track marks in the snow after the big fall the other day. It reminded me of The Gruffalo's Child, one of our favourite books.
I know foxes come into our garden at night but we rarely see them. So nice to see the evidence!

The Gruffalo's Child
by Julia Donaldson and Axel Schefffler


  1. i'm all caught up now miss fran... i shall wish you a move of the utmost kind and i have to say i admire your bravery when saying you will be back in your little stores within a couple of weeks. i think it took me six months :)

    i enjoyed your list thing further down, i do believe a lot of them were most familiar, especially the 'for god's sake' one and what's funny now is i'm saying most of the others but with regards to little olive our seven month old puppy and not a wee child. how sad is that!
    "what's she got in her mouth"
    "for god's sake, someone get it out"

    today it was a crocheted button from the middle of my lovely round crocheted cushion my man gave me for christmas. some thing's are very hard to forgive, even if the culprit has big lovely soft ears :)

    safe journey down the road
    Tif x

  2. I hope your move is going well! What a lovely post, we love the Gruffalo but haven't yet read the Gruffalos child, what a great snippet
    : )

  3. It just occurred to me I hadn't been to your blog for ages. I don't know how I've missed the last 4 or so posts and therefore wish you good luck with the move...but anyway, hope the move went/is going well. Looking forward to reading you again soon!

  4. my dear! I got your lovely red balloon book in the mail a few days back! Thank you so very very much! lovely packaging, what a treat to open! I just posted about it and I hope you gets lots of business from doing the giveaway! Its beautiful, thank you so much! (and congrats on the baby in the house!)

  5. oh fran!!! you are nomintaed on The Poppies for lovely accessories... how terribly exciting, i have cast my vote in your favor and wishing i could send you a 'vote for me pretty please' badge but sadly little olive has chewed them all up :)

    do check it out


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