Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh My!

Thank you for the nomination for The Poppies! I'm very flattered. Feel free to cast your vote in the affordable art group my way! (Although there are many many lovely artists on the list including two of my faves Amanda Blake and Betsy Walton. Hold on! I'm not meant to be plugging the competition!)

It's not perfect timing since my shops are still closed since moving house!
Tif was right, two weeks was verrrrry optimistic. My study is being decorated, all my stuff is covered with a blue dust sheet... no chance of taking any orders before the end of Jan. If you're visiting for the first time, I'm pretty sure you can still browse dawanda and folksy, even
though orders are closed. It's a shame you can't do that on etsy. Anyhoo, THANK YOU!

Things are crazy here but starting to come together. Although I am mostly doing this:

I will take more pics when I get the chance. Hope to be back soon. x

p.s thank you Alisha for your lovely post. Winning is great!


  1. many congrats and best of luck :)

    It won't take long in the great scheme of things till your up and firing on all cylinders!

  2. i just saw on poppytalk you had been nominated! and came over to congratulate you! well done. off to vote of course....x.
    p.s looks like it's all coming together x.

  3. congratulations on your nomination!! Your study looks like a lovely room, even with the big blue sheet in the middle. Sorry I don't know where my placemats were from as they were a present from my sister:
    : )

  4. Just off to vote - congrats x Love that bottom photo, its was such a familiar sight but now my latest crawler is hanging off my legs lol!
    Hope you manage to get back to work soon x

  5. Wow! congratulations. Will pop straight over. Glad to see you are in and what is this? internet connection! Fabulous. Can't wait to see more pictures and Gus is huge. What have you been feeding him?
    Hope you are enjoying the settling in. Lx

  6. Congrats and off to vote!
    Annamaria xx

  7. wishing you every happiness in your new home, how exciting!

  8. i was so excited to see your name over on poppytalk! i was like "hurrah!!!" and of course immediately voted for you without even looking at the others :)
    i'm also thinking i have never been told that i am right in my life, so thank you for giving me that little bit of happiness and of course i am mightily impressed that in fact your little shops are up and running again...
    mightily indeed!


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