Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm sure there is not a person out there who hasn't seen this but it is just awe inspiring. It makes me remember how small and insignificant we are. The volcano doesn't care that people can't get home to their families or that they are paying thousands just to hire a car to get to Madrid. But at least I am entertained daily by Laura's letters from America. Poor Laura is stuck in Disneyland! She is eating too much cheese, and discovering Anthropologie. It could be worse.

Today, a new ash cloud is heading towards the UK.


  1. yes! it's incredible. there are some extraordinary photographs on flickr. it's quite a surreal situation. and oh, poor Laura! i feel so sorry for her having to endure sunshine and shopping and super-sized portions. ha ha!

    p.s. how funny that you left a comment this morning as i was just thinking about you. i must try that more, see if i can will anyone else to leave me a comment!

  2. Yes poor, poor me. I should also point out that I am overloading on American TV. Oh dear I really am beginning to lose the plot. Our accommodation runs out on Thursday so we may have to go travelling!

    And I have been busy trying to find something for you, spent ages last night looking will keep looking until I find it. In the mean time have your 'nice' traps worked yet? I'm thinking by the time we get back that Rat will have taken over the house and started wearing my shoes. L x

    P.s. you posted about me! That's too funny.

  3. hey! Laura! i want a present too, i'm not too fussy, mouse ears or anything from Anthro will do.

    Francesca with regard to my nom de plume - my name's natalie, yes. so, you can call me nat or nath or natalie, never nats please.

    my friends call me nath as there are two natalies in our gang, they call the other one natw. also i like the way it suggest nathalie which is much nicer than natalie.

    phew, that was a long-winded answer. misery ended? i bet you wished you'd never asked!


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