Friday, April 23, 2010

House Tour / L'Officiel love

I completely forgot to tell you that there is a house tour of my home over at the wonderful Poppytalk. Thanks Jan!

Still loving the archives of L'Officiel. Love this gorgeous stripy dress and the triangular print melting into the pebbles (both from a 1968 edition) I would happily wear either of these today.

Have a lovely weekend all. x


  1. So nice to see your new home. It looks great! Hope you're happy there :-)

    PS. Apologies for not having posted your lovely cushion yet. It's in use most the time...

  2. Oh Francesca I love your house. It looks do beautiful. i especaiily love the colours you painted the walls it looks like such a bright and calm home. AND how??? 2 months and you look completely sorted and neat and tidy. I swear we are stll trying to sort the whole thing out. All our books are still in boxes! Can't think where to have bookcases. I know, I know it's a problem akin to being stuck in Florida for an extra week. Thanks for showing us your house. I think I must be a bit of a nosy person. love Laura x

  3. Francesca, your house is beautiful! I was very interested to have a nose! x

  4. thank you lovelies, yes very happy here.
    laura - neither of us can live with too much clutter and mess (yes, it's a struggle with two children!) so we unpacked and sorted within a couple of weeks. we do however have a cellar and loft full of crap!

    kerry - until we get our yellow kitchen we are making do with yellow chairs!

    it was a bit odd putting my whole house up there, like giving up a bit of my soul! and i've already seen it on another blog, someone pinched all the pictures without asking, which i find a bit of a violation!

  5. Oh, I can't wait to have a nosy! And yes, I don't know how you've managed to get so sorted so soon and with 2 small boys as well!

    Love the L'Officiel beach pictures, completely inspirational.

  6. congrats! you must be thrilled to have it featured. it really does look stunning and very cosy. x.

  7. cor, lovely house Francesca, i mean, REALLY LOVELY. hope you got just how much i mean that by the use of CAPS.
    lots to admire partic

    the lovely light!
    so neat!
    so dust and clutter-free! (my house is mostly the opposite)


    although, a big tsk! to the person who took the pictures without asking. naughty!

  8. p.s. guess which dress i'd choose. go on, guess.

  9. nath, it's a toughy but i'm going for the triangles! and just your colours too. x

  10. thanks for your Krya på er-wish. Sara

  11. Fabulous peek at your beautiful home, Francesca. I dream of living in London again! Loving those magazine frocks too - I'd happily wear them too. Kx

  12. oh fran! i loved seeing your new nest... and i can see why you are so made up with it :)
    there is something about old homes that just have a soul. you feel it the minute you step through the door, you know it is home.

    your home is beautiful as are you and your family my dear... even when they have you up half the night :)


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