Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Octons!

I've been trying to remember the name of this toy for ages, I used to have it when I was little. Then when I was browsing one of my favourite shops, Present & Correct I saw it as a prop in the background for one of their items.

They were very kind to answer my excited email and help me out. It's called Octons. Apart from the shape it's the translucency I like (see bowls below). You can buy it today but they've changed it. IT'S NOT TRANSLUCENT ANYMORE! (Ahem) taking away most of it's beauty.

Here's an original one from ebay a couple of weeks ago. You could make a lovely sculpture with it and pop it by the window. Anyway, please give me the nod if you spot one anywhere. Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

Have a lovely weekend all. Hoping for sunshine. x


  1. Grrr... I want some too! As if I needed another item to search for.

  2. Looks pretty cool Francesca! I will keep an eye out for these!
    Annamaria :)

  3. ha ha, Isla just climbed into my lap and said "oh I definitely want those" Clearly also suffering from the same WANT syndrome as me!

  4. heyhey, happy with my new pillow :)

    thanks! best, miriam

  5. thanks miriam! glad you like it. x

  6. ha ha ha, i'm laughing at this and at Isla's reaction to it.

    but seriously, why, WHY do they have to change things? muck about with them etc? it's so annoying.

    i will keep my beady eyes peeled!

  7. It really is gorgeous. I'll keep a look-out too... but I may need to find two sets ;) K

  8. Hi Francesca

    I think I may have one. It's with the vintage toys I sell and I will be digging them out for my Open House in a few weeks. If I find it I will let you know :-)

    Donna x

  9. I've just taken some pictures of these beauties at the Museum of Childhood...went there Monday. I think there were other shapes too. Maybe I'll pop them in a blog post if they've come out ok. I'll let you know if I ever spot any that aren't in a museum cabinet too! x

  10. donna - i'm excited.
    kerry - yes, pics please.

  11. A friend of mine had these when I was growing up, and I have been obsessed with finding them now for my son. I have purchased two sets on Ebay, you just have to really look often. One dimwit that I bought from didn't seal the box (at all, and it's quite heavy), and many of the small pieces were lost in transit. I was very upset, because it was a complete set before that happened.

    I just cannot for the life of me understand why Galt doesn't make them translucent anymore. Does the toy company not realize that it is this quality that accounts for most of this toy's appeal?

    I also did find another toy that is quite fun. MagnaTiles. They are VERY expensive, but wonderful translucent building toy. Worth every penny... google it, look on flickr for pictures of them.

  12. oh magnatiles look great! thank you stephanie.


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